Thomas W. Deiters


Twenty-nine years with Original Equipment Manufactures and Consulting specializing in complex stress and life assessment analyses for aerospace structural systems. Knowledge in classical solid mechanics and computer techniques with the principal applications toward aircraft and engine structural integrity. Registered professional engineer with a private pilot license and a primary interest in aviation. Previous DISCO Secret Security Clearance.


His background contains the following, Airbus A-320, Beech A23, B-55, B-58, B76, C90, E90, 390, Bell 412, Boeing KC-135(B-707), B-727, B-737, Bombardier CL601-3A, Canadair Regional Jet Model CRJ200 Cl-600-2B19, Cessna C310, CJ-525, 551, DeHaviland DHC-6, Embraer EMB-120, ERJ-170, Fokker F.28 Mark 0100, Gulfstream G-159, Learjet 31A, Lockheed C-130, C-141, C-5, P-3/7, L-1011, F-22, McDonnell Douglas F-15, F-18, CD-9, Mooney M20C, Pilatus P-6, Piper PA-32R-301T, PA-260, PA-31-310, PA-46-350P, Pratt and Whitney PT6A and F-119 Gas Turbine Engine, Space Shuttle, and methods development in the areas of strength, fatigue and damage tolerance.  Being involved in all phases from new design to aging, from minor to major repairs, from field approval to STCs and PMAs. 

Recent Position & Responsibilities : Consultant - Business development, DEC Technologies PMAs, SAFAIR L-382 repairs, Accident Lawsuit Support, Purdue ALAR, Implemented Hsu load interaction and Spectra Methods in AFGROW, Windshield and Direct Vision Window Fatigue Test Witness Embraer ERJ-170, Bell 412 Paravion Structural Test Infrared Radar witness, STRESSTOOL development, C-130 E/H Fuselage Durability Study and Aircraft Battle Damage Assessment for MERC, King Air re-engining, Northrop Grumman MESA program, Air Force Corrosion Fatigue Structural Demonstration effort corrosion fatigue metric methods with APES Inc., Repair Assessment Program, Reviewed, developed, guided spectra and crack growth methods for DTA DERs, Repair, DTA, ATR42 and ATR72 antenna, STC assessments on Airbus A-320, Beech A23, B-55, B-58, B76, C90, E90 repair, 390 antenna, Bell 412, Boeing KC-135(B-707), B-727, B-737, Bombardier CL601-3A antenna, Bombardier Canadair CRJ200 flap repair, Cessna C310 repair, CJ-525 antenna, 551, Dassault Falcon Jet Falcon 50 antenna, DeHaviland DHC-6, Dash 8 antenna STC, Fokker F.28 Mark 0100 STC, Gulfstream G-159, G1159 spoiler repair, Embraer EMB-120 antenna STC, ERJ-170, IAI Westwind 1124 corrosion repair, Learjet 31A antenna, Lockheed C-130, P-3/7, Mooney M20C, Pilatus P-6, Piper PA-32R-301T, PA-260, PA-31-310, PA-46-350P, Pratt&Whitney PT6A combustor repair. 


1992 - 1999 Lockheed Aircraft Company, Atlanta, Georgia 

  • While assigned to Advanced Structures Department
    • Provided fatigue substantiation of High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT)
    •  Provided recommendations for an automated process for stress intensity factor development. 
    • Participated a in procedure to predict the residual strength of L-1011 fuselage lap splice structures that contain multiple site damage (MSD) 
  • Conducted a service life analysis program of USN KC-130F/R Tankers
  • Performed the detailed static analysis, fatigue, and crack growth life predictions of the F-22 Forward Fuselage Structure. Analyses were in support of drawing release to ensure compliance with design service life requirements. 
  • C-130 QAD design support and ABDR 
  • Conducted stress analysis for C-5 due to 840K increased gross weight 
  • Participant in C-5 RCM analysis, and economic life approach 
  • Involved with Wide Spread Fatigue Damage proposal to the NAARP 

1991 Grumman Melbourne Systems Division, Melbourne, Florida 

  • Lead man for ASIP and fatigue /fracture methods group on Joint STARS program. Responsible for developing and writing the proposed ASIP Master Plan according to MIL-STD 1530A 

1989 - 1990 Lockheed Aircraft Company, Atlanta, Georgia 

  • Research and development of C-130 MLRS fatigue and fracture methods improvements to damage tolerance analysis with revisions to spectrum generation, lug analysis, and crack growth algorithms 
  • Conducted a C-130 ASIP for the Republic of Singapore 
  • Stress analysis and damage tolerance analysis support of the P-7A Navy transport 

1988 McDonnell Aircraft , St. Louis Missouri 

  • Durability and Damage Tolerance evaluation for the F/A-18 SWISS aircraft competition, effort included the identification of redesign options to meet the Swiss service life needs 
  • Analysis support for F-15E derivative to meet DTA requirements 

1987 USBI Booster Production Company 

  • Analyst for DTA recertification effort of the solid rocket booster of the Space Transportation System. Involved with critical area selection, mission spectrum development, and fracture analysis 

1986 Douglas Aircraft Company supporting CASA Aircraft of Spain 

  • Analyst for Damage Tolerance Analysis for FAA certification of CASA's CN-235; interpretation of FAA criteria, spectra generation, stress intensity solutions, and residual strength procedures 
  • Developed method for analyzing integrally stiffened panels, implemented proper truncation procedures, revised fatigue methods for buffet regime, and established gust response interpolation scheme 

1984 - 1985 Pratt & Whitney Aircraft West Palm Beach Florida 

  • Structural , low cycle fatigue, and damage tolerance analysis of the high and low turbine rotor disk for the F-119 Gas Turbine Engine and an evaluation of probabilistic life analysis technique 

1980 - 1983 Lockheed Aircraft Company Atlanta Georgia 

  • Durability and Damage Tolerance Analysis of C-130 Hercules 
  • Formulated and directed analysis effort and evaluation of repair manual 
  • Responsible for fracture analyses, stress load ratios, limit loads, stress grid tapes and spectrum loading tapes 
  • Involved with sensitivity studies, reports, presentations, and budgets 

1978 - 1979 Lockwood, Jones, and Beals Atlanta Georgia 

  • Complete structural design and analysis of industrial warehouses, plants, and load rating bridges 


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Short course on Damage Tolerance, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, October 1983


Fracture Mechanics, Internal Lockheed Course, Marietta, Georgia, September 1981


Thin Sheet Structural Analysis, Internal Lockheed Course, Marietta, Georgia, August 1980


Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, University of Cincinnati, June 1978


Associate of Arts Degree in Civil Engineering, Cincinnati Technical College, August 1970